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Medica Packaging Limited has this week announced it will separate from the Benson Group and become an independent specialist packaging provider owned by a group of private individuals, managed by Sullivan Street Partners Limited.

Medica, with over 100 employees based in Crewe, produces high grade printed cartons, leaflets and labels. The company has a strong heritage of specialist pharmaceutical and healthcare carton packaging services going back to 1922 and was part of the Wellcome Foundation at one time. The plan for the future is to focus Medica Packaging on its core strengths; providing specialist cartons, leaflets and labels to the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, with the exceptional levels of service and quality product required by those clients.

We look forward to coming to meet clients, suppliers and future collaborators in the near future.

For now if you have an enquiry please call +44 (0) 1270 253777 or email

A full website will follow shortly.

John Bath, CEO
Keith Greasley, General Manager

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Medica Packaging Ltd, Crewe Hall Enterprise, Crewe, Cheshire, CW1 6UL, UK. Company Number 02776882