100 Years of Medica Packaging in the making

2023 is a very special year for Crewe, Cheshire based Medica Packaging as 100 years ago our story began. It is also a very significant year as it is our 30th anniversary since the birth of the Medica Packaging brand. 

Where did it all begin?

In 1922 a printers, Frank Cottrell Printers opened its doors on 110 Victoria Street, Crewe by businessman Frank Cottrell. The printers created all types of printing work for local businesses including football match programmes and other marketing material for Crewe Alexandra Football Club. 

1953- The Calmic Group who were manufacturing chemists acquired Frank Cottrell Printers as, they had already built a strong working relationship and wanted a commercial printer on board. 

Sadly during the Second World War Frank Cottell passed away and thereby his son Frank Cottrell (Junior) who was already involved within the business took over the company. 

1956- The printing company moved to the Crewe Hall Estate and, in 1964 a specially built premises on the east side of the Crewe Hall Estate was developed for Frank Cottrell Printers to move into. This increased manufacturing space generating more opportunities for the printers. 

1966 – The Calmic Group was acquired by the Wellcome Foundation Limited. The printers carried on running under the name Frank Cottrell Printers as the Wellcome Foundation also owned two other printers Clunbury Press and Tabloid Press.

1975- Frank Cottrell and Clunbury Press merged. Also at around this time Frank Cottrell (Junior) retired and Terry McCurley the Managing Director of Clunbury Press became Managing Director. 

1985 – The decision was made to focus 100% on pharmaceutical printing and packaging. Required accreditations were attained during the late 1980’s early 1990’s.

Sadly Frank Cottrell (Junior) passed away in 1993. 

On the 27th June 1993 Wellcome Print and Packaging Limited moved to a private ownership and became Medica Packaging Limited. John Beardmore (previously Sales Manager) now became Managing Director.

Medica Packaging was born!

2005- Medica Packaging was acquired by Benson Box Limited and in 2006 John Beardmore retired. 
2014- In 2014 Benson Box sold Medica Packaging Limited to Sullivan Street Partners. John Bath was Managing Director for two years. 
2016- Gerard Harford became Managing Director with Mark Stokes Financial Director joining in 2018. 
2016 – 2023- £5million investment has been made to take the printing and packaging company to the next level. 
It is fair to say the journey of Medica Packaging has been quite a rollercoaster but, we are so proud of what we have achieved and where we are today. Now employing over 150 workers in the local area and 270 employees across the group we continue to grow and develop our services offerings. 

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