Pharma companies spend billions every year in product development and an even greater proportion of their revenue marketing their products. End users are exposed to a small proportion of this advertising and development, but every client handles the end product, in a carton typically costing less than 10p. Almost as importantly, every pharmacist or advocate for sales of pharmaceuticals handles that carton and is influenced by its style, messaging and ease of handling.

So, why is it that so many regulated products are not delivered ready to be displayed on the counter?

Counter ready marketing

A simple display tray in clear branded colours with key messages can do wonders for the awareness of the product at the point of purchase or prescription. With the ever-growing pharmacy led advocacy for specific drugs, the opportunity through packaging to ensure presence is increasingly important. In short, a simple tray can improve conversion to reach the counter, which gives better control over branding and marketing effectiveness in branch.

Supply Chain Solution

Packaging is a means of ensuring effective delivery to shelf as well as an informative sales tool. 2016/17 statistics suggest product waste post-packing to be in excess of 1.4%. This waste cost is equivalent to the entire budget for pharmaceutical carton packaging in the last 12 months, according to the BPIF.
Reduced handling to shelf/counter can be a significant advantage for the entire supply chain in that it will: improve labour efficiency, reduce product damage in transit, reduce product damage in store and is cost effective. Sourcing carton trays in which twenty or more items can be batched for display on shelf or counter is a positive step for product and brand managers, reducing handling by up to 66% and maximising sales.
“For a small charge, buyers can drastically improve product shelf appeal, reduce downstream product waste and lower handling. Increased sales and lower costs can be enabled by one simple tray and Medica has dedicated machinery to deliver this alongside any client’s carton order”, says Gerard Harford, Managing Director of Medica Packaging Limited.
Medica has recently invested in new folding equipment to produce a wider variety of tray packaging types. Medica can produce counter ready trays in exactly matched branded colours alongside product cartons and leaflets.
Consult the experts to understand the opportunity for you. Medica has been advising clients on packaging and related developments since 1922. Medica can deliver curved edged cartons, braille, raised ink, foil backgrounds and other solutions to maximise product appeal and patient confidence. In early 2018 Medica introduced the latest print and fold technology and is the leading independent in the UK. All of this is delivered within a five day lead time and with a very high OTIF.
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