Pharmaceutical packaging must convey critical information to patients and end users. At the same time the product has to be appealing. How can product managers and those driving the efficacy of patient treatments blend the need for functional communication and attractive marketing styling? Pharma cartons design at Medica has the answer.

High quality delivery is a must

The foundation for carton and leaflet design has to be compliant, effective communication to the patient. In any packaging product, creating an effective route to patient information means aligning great design with repeatable high quality delivery. If the design is great but compromises print delivery, or vice versa, this base structure falls down. Work with a partner that understands to its core the need for serving the patient in this way and styling can be given more consideration.

Pharma cartons look and feel can drive trust

Packaging can impact efficacy and patient trust but often represents much less than 1% of product spend and can receive a similar level of attention prior to product launch. It has been established from placebo tests that patients respond positively to attributes of a product that support efficacy. Selecting the right finish on the print, the feel of the carton and the box design itself can demonstrate a well-researched product and an intelligent supplier. Patient trust and attraction to the product must increase with such accessible stimuli.

Understand the styling options

The typical braille embossed, cardboard box for prescription drugs can be tweaked in several ways. Cut outs, block foil sections, curved edges, new glosses, colour patches and different dimensions can all innovate the patient experience. With the right partner new options can be developed and tested to create a packing strategy that drives growth and appeal.

Medica has new ideas

“The carton conveys the values of the organisation and critical patient information. We increasingly expect Apple quality packaging on trusted products. Healthcare can take advantage of this or fall behind” Gerard Harford, Medica Packaging Limited.

Consult the experts to understand the opportunity for you. Medica packaging has been advising on packaging development since 1922. Having added to the design studio in 2016 Medica can deliver curved edged cartons, braille, raised ink, blockfoil backgrounds and other solutions to maximise product appeal and patient confidence.

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If you are someone who specifies or procures cartons or leaflets Medica invites you to learn more. On the 10th May, 15th June and 12th July, Medica will be running Print & Design Awareness Days from their Crewe site. For the opportunity to take part please contact Medica on

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