By 2030, the print landscape will be very different to the pre-covid world. From 2015 – 2030, the volume of the global print and printed packaging market is expected to fall by just over 15%. However, the value of the market will grow by nearly 6.8%, largely due to changes in the product mix. 

Covid is having a significant impact on the print outputs across the world, with falls in print demand and changes in consumer behaviour seen. The economic impact is expected to create permanent changes in print demand, and will accelerate some of the long-term trends impacting the print industry. Some print companies and suppliers will fail; however others will thrive- with a focus on automation, efficiency and service; or perhaps through innovation and diversification to widen the range of products and services they offer. 

Mega trends impacting print demand

  • Demographics
  • Retail changes
  • Sustainability
  • Brand Changes
  • Consumer preferences
  • Increasingly connected world
  • Advertising changes 

Drivers and trends shaping print in 2030

  • COVID-19 – Economic downturn changing consumer behaviour
  • Supply Chain – Securing supply and time to market
  • Retail Changes – Growth in e-commerce
  • Connectivity – Increasingly connected world
  • Digitisation – Alternatives to physical print and workflow automation
  • Consumers – Social media
  • Demographics – More economically active consumers
  • Sustainability – Circular economy and consumer perception 
Source: The Future of Print in a Post-Covid World, Smithers, 


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