What is printing?

It is almost impossible to imagine a world without print. It is all around us and plays a vital part in our daily lives. 

Print is largely produced using sustainable materials. 

It is predominantly paper-based, 90% of this paper is sourced from European forests – which are growing by over 1500 football pitches every day! Printing companies including Medica are at the forefront of improvements in environmental performance in manufacturing, with high levels of take-up for both the ISO 14001 environmental management standard and for FSC and PEFC chain of custody accreditations. 

Print is highly effective

It improves the means to communicate ‘messages’ easily, quickly and at a low cost.

Print has impact 

It is creative, it engages, it is versatile and it is persuasive.

Print has longevity and authority 

It is tactile and offers a ‘real world’ experience. It has a unique ability to grab and hold people’s attention. In fact no other media channel can offer this combination of qualities. 

Print is an important vehicle for advertising, education, entertainment and information 

It serves all parts of the UK economy – including central and local government, financial services, retailing, distribution, travel and tourism and manufacturing industries. 

Print is an advanced manufacturing sector

It utilises cutting-edge information and production technologies. 

Print can be interactive and integrated 

The use of Augmented Reality and Near-Field Communications offers the opportunity to increase the engagement between consumers and brands and enhance the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. 

Source: Two Sides,

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